The symphony of the rains is just the trailer.

Experience it with all your senses when you holiday at one of our resorts this monsoon.

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Songs of the Thrush

Do you hear that? It’s the call of the Thrush. Airborne, she’s thrilled to welcome the first of the monsoon showers.

Live Stream

Incredible, isn’t it? That's the sound of the brook overflowing with energy. Close your eyes and see the millions of stories it has to tell.

Waltz of the Waterfall

Carefree and effortless, the pouring waterfall reminds you of the nonchalance of life. The spirit of the rain is best captured with its subtle echoes across the valleys.

Cacaphony of Croaks

The colony of frogs bursts into laughter and cackle with the first showers of the season. Intriguing yet mesmerizing, their energy levels have no bounds.

Roadside Melody

When the lashing whips of the downpour hit the lonely pebbles on the road, the melody comes to life. It welcomes the monsoon waiting to take you on an unforgettable journey.

Ballad of the

With the harmony of the chilly winds, the trees find themselves singing in an exuberant choir. The lashing sounds on the tree-trunk and the branches present us the beats, all synced in tune to greet the monsoon.

Tentside Lullaby

Keep calm and fall asleep listening to the soothing monsoon tune. The drizzle splashing on the tent makes for a tranquil tune, sure to soothe your senses.

Warble on the Leaves

Bravo. You isolated the sound of the rain resting on the leaves, twirling in its rhythm. Fluttering at its usual pace, the leaves love the company of the languid wind.

Last Droplets

Discover the percussions of the monsoon melodies, one drop after another. And get submerged in the hypnotic rhythm of the falling rain.

Chime of the pond

Listen the echoes of raindrops taking a plunge into the glistening lake. Playful and brimming with energy, it lures you to sail along the ripples.